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Stargold the Food Fairy

Stargold the Food Fairy is the perfect book for those parents who constantly feel the need to say to their children, “No, we are not eating candies for dinner tonight.” The author is a Registered Dietitian who came up with the story of Stargold and Lucie the day she realised that “Because I said so!” was not such a great answer when her children asked her, “But why not?”

Stargold The Food Fairy Mom's Choice Award Media Release

The story uses a metaphor comparing the building of a house to the building of a person’s body in order to help young readers visualize the relationship between the foods we eat and how our bodies grow and develop. Each different food group and the nutrients held within represent a different building material for the metaphorical house, and only when the proper types of foods are eaten does the house, and thus the human body, grow healthy and strong.

Stargold The Food Fairy Vegan Edition

All of the profits from  these books will go to the Malala’s Fund, which helps promote the access of education to children worldwide.

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plant-based-home-bannerStargold’s Nutritional Tools for Teachers

This book is also a great teaching tool for anyone who wishes to explain the importance of healthy nutrition to children. As it is available in a PowerPoint format, it can also be used by educators as a teaching tool in a classroom or group setting.

Educational Tools

Claudia Lemay

Claudia Lemay

Claudia Lemay

Registered Dietitian & Children's Book Author

Claudia Lemay works at a long-term care facility as a clinical dietitian. She also created the program Eat.Go.Grow!, a summer camp which teaches nutrition and physical activity to children. She possesses a gift: that of finding competent people within her own surroundings and convincing them to help her in her mission to teach kids about nutrition.

“Stargold the Food Fairy is a great book for teaching our children the importance of nutrition.”