Tips for Kids

Stargold’s Nutritional Tips for Kids

Stargold's Nutritional Tips for Kids

Stargold’s Nutritional Tips for Kids

When picking what to eat, remember that ‘fresh is best’ and try to choose ‘quality over quantity’. But eating is fun and it should remain that way.

Take your time to eat and enjoy food with friends and family. While it is true that parents are not growing anymore, they still should eat healthy because their body keeps making itself anew from foods they eat every day.

Take good care of your house. Love your house. They all have one purpose and one purpose only: to host a tiny human being inside, and that’s what is really magical. There will always be houses that seem to be better than yours, but remember there will also be houses that seem worse. Think of how lucky you are to get a brand new house for free!

You are not your house. You just live in it. You may think your house is too tall, too short, too round or too thin. It doesn’t matter! All houses are amazing in their own way.

After all, the true meaning of life is not to look at your house, but to look outside your window. You could be missing a rainbow!

Happy Healthy Eating!
Stargold the Food Fairy