Stargold The Food Fairy – Plant Based Edition – Soft Cover Book


Stargold the Food Fairy – Plant Based Edition Soft Cover Book – 6×9 in.

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6×9 in.Soft Cover Book – Plant Based Edition**
Full Colour Illustrations
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2016 Mom’s Choice Awards® Stargold the Food Fairy has just been adapted for plant-based readers! Stargold the food Fairy is the perfect book for plant-based parents who constantly find themselves repeating, “No, we are not eating candies for dinner tonight.” The author of the book is a Registered Dietitian who came up with the story as she is one of those parents herself. And when her kids asked: “But why not, mom?” she felt that “Because I said so!” was not a good enough of an answer. The book is also a great teaching tool for dietitians and educators who wish to explain the importance of nutrition to plant-based children in a fun, easy-to-understand manner. Stargold the Food Fairy takes Lucie on an exciting adventure to Growland. Lucie is amazed when she learns that whatever she eats directly affects everything about her body. Lucie doesn’t always appreciate the healthy meals her parents take care to provide. One day, Lucie becomes so angry over the dinner menu that she runs to her room. While Lucie is brooding, Stargold the Food Fairy appears with an invitation to travel together to the magical land of Growland. In Growland, Lucie meets elves that build magical houses and she soon discovers that these houses represent something far more precious. The houses are actually human bodies! Lucie learns that each food group has its own, very important role, and that various foods act as different building materials for her body. “Good foods build the brain; good books expand it.”

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