No-Recipe Recipe

Stargold’s No-Recipe Recipe

Stargold's No-Recipe Recipe

Stargold’s No-Recipe Recipe

“It is profoundly important that every child leaves school knowing how to cook 10 recipes that will save their lives.”

Jamie Oliver – World-Famous5-Star Chef

Stargold’s No-Recipe Recipe’s

Stargold agrees with Jamie that learning how to cook is super-important. She wants to show you how to make the 10 (well, 11!) following basic dishes, as she thinks these areespecially fun, quick, easy-to-make and,most importantly, they let you be the ‘boss’in the kitchen.*You will be choosing the ingredients you want by creating your own meals. They are called ‘no-recipe recipes’ because there are no exact amounts of ingredients listed – you get to choose how much or how little of each ingredient you want!

(*Even as the boss, you still have to ask an adult for help with the knives and stove!)


There are several cooking ‘essentials’ that everyone needs to know about and follow. For example, if someone is making a vegetable soup, they will need some kind of broth and likely a fried onion. These would be considered vegetable soup ‘essentials,’ and are an example of what children will learn to be able to make with Stargold’s No-Recipe Recipe. The essentials for various basic meal types are taught. Learning to make meal ‘essentials’ will allow kids to be able prepare food on their own, and not have to always rely on less nutritious and more expensive store-bought convenience foods.


The ‘non-essentials’ of a meal are up to us. For example, with vegetable soup, once the broth and fried onion are ready, anything else can be used to complete the soup, and are thus called the ‘non-essentials’. They will depend on what we want to put in the soup, what we feel like eating, and most often, what is available in the fridge.  Do you have tomatoes? Well then, make tomato soup! Do you have broccoli? Let’s make broccoli soup! You have some mustard? Hmm…well…please let us know how that turned out!

Stargold’s No-Recipe Recipe’s ‘essentials’ will be taught for:

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Base Recipe

Base Recipe Stargold's No-Recipe Recipes

Base Recipe Stargold’s No-Recipe Recipe’s

The base recipe will be used and is referred to in some of the following recipes. It consists of Sautéing garlic and onion over medium heat with canola oil.

Essentials: • Oil

Non-essentials: • Onion • Garlic

What to do: Fry onion and garlic in oil for 3 minutes.

No Monkey Soup

Vegetable Soup Stargolds No-Recipe Recipes

Vegetable Soup Stargold’s No-Recipe Recipe’s

Everybody loves soup and it is a wonderful way to use up the vegetables that got forgotten in the fridge. Tips: Make a great big batch without using any tomatoes. Then, when you have eaten half of it, add a can of tomatoes to get a whole new soup experience.Soup can easily be frozen.

Essentials: • Broth • Onion • Oil • Salt and pepper

Non-essentials: • All the vegetables,herbs and spices you like (Examples: • Carrots • Celery • Tomatoes • Potatoes • Squash • Corn • Broccoli • Green beans • Peas • Legumes)

What to do: Fry onion in oil. Add vegetables and fill pot with broth. Cook until vegetables are soft.

Bricks Salad (Legume Salad)

Legume Salad Stargolds No-Recipe Recipes

Legume Salad Stargold’s No-Recipe Recipe’s

Legumes are super-duper healthy. Really. They are high in protein and fiber which both will keep your energy levels up for a long time. Examples of legumes are chickpeas, lentils, beans…

Essentials: • Canned legumes • Onions • Vinaigrette* • Salt and pepper

Non-essentials: • All the vegetables, herbs and spices you like (Examples: • Tomatoes • Carrots • Lettuce • Bell peppers • Cumin • Red chilli flakes • Fresh Cilantro)

*Vinaigrette: See recipe below

What to do: Rinse canned legumes with water, drain, add other vegetables and vinaigrette, mix well and voilà!

Tool Box Wraps/Sandwiches

Sandwiches Stargolds No-Recipe Recipes

Sandwiches Stargold’s No-Recipe Recipe’s

Sandwiches are quick, easy and delicious. Everyone needs to know how to make a good sandwich!Sandwiches can easily be frozen, but leave the mayo and veggies out if you are planning to freeze them. You can make a whole batch of sandwiches on the weekend and then take one out in the morning for your lunch.

Essentials: • Tortilla wrap or bread • Mayo • Salt and pepper

Non-essentials: • Mustard • Cheese (Cream cheese, grated, sliced) • Cold cuts • Hummus • Hard-boiled eggs (mashed) • Any fresh/frozen vegetable, herbs or spices you like(Examples: • Green onion • Avocado • Shredded vegetables (Zucchini, bell peppers, lettuce, carrots, etc.) • Dill/Basil/Paprika)

What to do: Wash all vegetables and shred them. Spread and lay your ingredients on the wrap/bread.

Super Strength Stir Fry

Stir Fry Stargolds No-Recipe Recipes

Stir Fry Stargold’s No-Recipe Recipe’s

A tasty, basic dish that allows us to incorporate lots of awesome colours and flavours in our meals.

Essentials: • Cooking oil • Soy sauce • Sesame oil

Non-essentials: • Meat (chicken/beef) • Firm tofu • Any fresh/frozen vegetable, herbs or spices you like (Examples:Carrots • Peas (snow peas, snap peas) • Green beans • Corn • Broccoli • Zucchini • Onions/ Green onions/ Shallots • Bell peppers • Mushrooms • Water Chestnuts • Cauliflower • Bean sprouts)

What to do: Fry meat in oil and cook until done. Add soy sauce and other vegetables and cook until soft. Toss with sesame oil to finish and serve on noodles or rice.

*Stir fry leftovers can easily be frozen.

Lunch Box Muffins

Muffins Stargolds No-Recipe Recipes

Muffins Stargold’s No-Recipe Recipe’s

Baking is one of the main exceptions to our no-recipe recipes because baked goods need to have exact measurements to rise properly. This recipe will make 12 great muffins. Muffins can be easily frozen to keep them fresh.Pack frozen muffins in your lunch kit, that way, they won’t get squished.

Essentials: • 2 cups whole wheat flour • 3 teaspoons baking powder • ½ teaspoon salt • ¾ cup sugar • 1 egg • 1 cup milk • ¼ cup vegetable oil

Non-essentials (Up to 1 cup): Any fresh/frozen fruit you want: • Berries (strawberries, blueberries, raspberries) • Bananas • Apples • Pineapple • Dried fruit (raisins, cranberries) • Nuts (walnuts, almonds, peanuts) • Chocolate chips (Stargold’s favourites) • Seeds (pumpkin, hemp, sunflower…) • 1-teaspoon spices (cinnamon, vanilla extract, coconut flakes, poppy seeds, cocoa powder)

What to do:

1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees F. Line muffin tray with muffin cups.

2. Stir together the dry ingredients in a bowl.

3. In another bowl, beat the egg with the milk and oil. Mix it into the flour mixture.

4. Add 1 cup of any of the optional ingredients.

5. Pour into muffin cups.

6. Bake for 25 minutes.

Energy Smoothie

Smoothie Stargolds No-Recipe Recipes

Smoothie Stargold’s No-Recipe Recipe’s

“I don’t have the time” is NOT a good reason to skip awesome food before going to school. Here is why:

Essentials: • Milk (any type) • Juice or Water • Ice (if using fresh or thawed fruit)

Non-essentials: Any fresh/frozen fruit (even vegetables) you want:  • Banana • Berries (strawberries, blueberries, raspberries) • Melon (watermelon, honeydew, cantaloupe) • Pineapple • Kale • Orange • Mango • Peach • Celery • Oats • Seeds • Nuts (almonds, peanut butter, pecans, walnuts…)

What to do: Put fruit in blender. Add milk/juice/water and blend until smooth.

So quick, it’s magic!(You will see, the whole thing will take you about 99 seconds!)

Stargold's Super Sauce (Spaghetti Sauce)

Spaghetti Sauce Stargolds No-Recipe Recipes

Spaghetti Sauce Stargold’s No-Recipe Recipe’s

Another good basic recipe – everyone eats spaghetti! Once you make this, your parents, and YOU especially, will be very proud. The sauce can easily be frozen. Freeze in quantities appropriate for one meal.

Essentials: • Ground beef/turkey/meat alternative • Canned tomatoes • 1 Onion • Garlic

• Olive oil • Salt and pepper

Non-essentials: All the vegetables, herbs and spices you like (Examples: Bell pepper • Carrot • Zucchini • Mushrooms • Italian herbs(Basil, Oregano, Thyme))

What to do: Fry onion and garlic in oil. Add ground beef and cook until meat is brown. Add tomatoes, vegetables and herbs. Cook until soft and serve on pasta.

Skeleton Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Grilled Cheese Stargolds No-Recipe Recipes

Grilled Cheese Stargold’s No-Recipe Recipe’s

So easy, so good. Remember: the better the cheese you use, the better your sandwich will turn out. Serve with a big salad and you will have a great meal.

Essentials: • Sliced Bread • Soft butter • Cheese

Non-essentials: • Tomato • Ham • Dijon mustard • Diced onions etc.

What to do: Put butter on one side of the slice of bread. Turn upside down. Put cheese and optional ingredients on top. Add other slice of bread and butter the top. Cook in a frying pan over medium heat until the cheese is melted and each side of bread is golden brown.

Laser Fruit Skewers and Dip

Fruit Skewers Stargolds No-Recipe Recipes

Fruit Skewers Stargold’s No-Recipe Recipe’s

Skewers make eating fruit really good and really fun. So much better than cotton candy or marshmallow stew, really.

Essential: • Fruit • Skewers • Yogurt

Non-essentials: • Honey • Lemon juice • Vanilla extract • Cinnamon • Cream Cheese • Cream • Chocolate

What to do: Put fruit on skewers. Dip in the mix of yogurt and optional ingredients.

Pilot's Salad

Garden Salad Stargolds No-Recipe Recipes

Garden Salad Stargold’s No-Recipe Recipe’s

Salad is a true essential. Don’t get caught using only lettuce, tomatoes and cucumber every day, though!You will quickly get very bored of it. Use a good dressing and put fun stuff in your bowl: good foods taste good!

Essentials: • Salad greens • Diced onions • Salt and pepper

Non-essentials: • All the vegetables, legumes herbs or spices you like (Examples: Avocado • Bell pepper • Shredded Carrot or Beet • Radish • Kale • Tomato • Cucumber) • Other fun stuff (Examples: Berries • Orange • Pomegranate • Nuts (almonds, walnuts, candied pecans) • Dried fruit and seeds (hemp, flax, sunflower)

What to do: Wash and cut vegetables/fruit and mix together. Add vinaigrette only when ready to serve (Otherwise, the salad will go all floppy). Or better yet, pour vinaigrette on the salads only after they have been served. That way, you will not have to throw away the leftovers.

Smart Potion Vinaigrette

Vinaigrette Stargolds No-Recipe Recipes

Vinaigrette Stargold’s No-Recipe Recipe’s

Healthy oils are a must to grow smart and healthy. Using good oils for all your salads and marinades is a great way to provide your brain with the building blocks it needs for its development.

Essentials: • Olive oil • Vinegar (white, balsamic, cider) • Garlic • Dijon Mustard • Salt and pepper

Non-essentials: • Honey • Herbs/Spices • Lemon juice

What to do: Fill a jar to one-third with vinegar/lemon juice. Add other ingredient (except oil) and mix very well with lid tightly closed. Then, fill the rest of the jar with oil and close the lid. Mix again.

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