Why a kid’s book about nutrition?

When feeding their family, parents should consider using Ellyn Satter’s* Division of Responsibilities principles to help make mealtimes more nutritious and enjoyable. These principles establish that parents are responsible for providing healthy foods at meal- and snack-times, while children are responsible for what and how much they eat. This helps children learn how to make healthy choices based on how hungry they are.  It has been scientifically proven that children of parents who follow these principles become more competent eaters later in life and also become more confident in general.

The Story of Stargold The Food Fairy

The Story of Stargold The Food Fairy

Having set rules of “What, When and Where” for mealtimes surely helps, but kids will invariably ask why. So, what should the parents’ answer be when their children ask, “Why can’t we have candies for dinner?” Many parents don’t have a convincing way of explaining why fruits and vegetables are healthier than candies. They can’t explain why whole grain cereals are better than processed, “sugar” cereals for breakfast. Often, the children just think they are being deprived of something that tastes better. The concepts of the effects of vitamins, minerals, fibre, omega-3 fatty acids, etc. on the various parts of the body are too complicated for most children to grasp or care about. This is why the metaphor used in this story comparing the need for proper foods in order to build a body to the need for proper building materials in order to build a house is so compelling and memorable for parents and children alike.

The author is a Registered Dietitian who integrated these concepts into a story that her own children could follow and enjoy. In writing this book, she hopes that other children will be motivated to eat healthier foods, and also learn proper nutrition habits that will last them a lifetime. The author’s daughter, Amélie, really liked bacon and Skittles (and still does!), but the story helped convince her to willingly eat other healthier foods as well.

Kristen Yarker - Kids Nutrition

Kristen Yarker – Kids Nutrition

If your child is extremely picky, or finicky, you may want the help of a professional. Choose a registered dietitian with training and experience for your child’s specific needs. For Vancouver/ Lower Mainland or Victoria/ South Vancouver Island, contact Kristen Yarker, MSc, RD. Kristen is a leading expert with picky eaters. She is trained in sensory processing disorders (SOS technique) and is one of the first ever Affiliates of the Ellyn Satter Institute.

Here’s the link: www.KristenYarker.com/kids-nutrition

*Ellyn Satter, MS RD LCSW BCD, is a researcher and practitioner in the field of pediatric feeding practices.