• My first big thank you goes to Ellyn Satter, MS RD LCSW BCD, who graciously allowed me to use her “Division of Responsibilities” principles in my book.
  • Dr. Linda Starkey, PhD, who did not let me quit when I wanted to.
  • Mme. Ginette Caron, MSc, who gave me the possibility to continue when I wanted to.
  • Thank you to Katy Quévillon, MA, for turning my “readable” story into an enjoyable one.
  • Thank you to Chris Hamilton for making my story look prettier than what I could ever envision myself.
  • Thank you to Doug McKinnon for his excellence and patience with me: “One last change, promise!”
  • Thank you to my children Justin and Amélie. Justin came up with the name Stargold, and Amélie (who did not want to try my omelet) made me realize that a story needed to be written.
  • Thank you most of all to my husband Peter Zakrzewski who encouraged and supported me in following my dreams. Thank you for your infinite patience in helping me turn my “unreadable” mess into a “readable story”.

Meet The Illustrator

Chris Hamilton

Chris Hamilton – Illustrator

Chris Hamilton has loved drawing since he can remember and started cartooning professionally when he was just 16 years old! His illustrative artwork has appeared in newspapers, magazines and books, and of course on his own kids’ music CDs – Chris is also a children’s musician who performs all over BC!

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