Claudia Lemay, RD – Children’s Book Author

Claudia Lemay - Stargold the Food Fairy Author

Claudia Lemay, RD – Children’s Book Author

Claudia Lemay, RD

The author herself will tell you that she is not a writer. “I cannot write – not even in my mother tongue (French), and I certainly cannot draw.” She, however, does possess two gifts:  the ability to work super hard at something difficult and the nose in finding competent people within her own surroundings to help her in her mission to teach kids about the many benefits of a healthy nutrition.

Claudia discovered her illustrator in 2013 on the day she picked up her son Justin from day camp. He came to the door with facepaint on. He had a 3D shark splashing out of water literally coming out of his left cheek. The camp counselor, Chris Hamilton, had drawn on the children’s faces to kill time at the end of the day while waiting for the late parents (the author). Claudia was so impressed that she asked him if he would be the illustrator for her book.


LUCY and Stargold

Lucie and Stargold

  • Her book fixer was her husband, Peter Zakrzewski
  • Her first book editor, Katy Quévillon, was the mother of her son’s new friend at school
  • Her website developer, Doug Mckinnon, was a web specialist who previously worked on one of her other projects
  • Her book inspiration came from her two children, Justin and Amélie, and their insistence at always asking why

Claudia lives in Surrey, BC with her husband, two kids and two pets, and runs her own private practice called True Health Nutrition as a clinical dietitian. She also created the program Eat.Go.Grow!, a summer camp which teaches nutrition and physical activity to children.