Eat.Go.Grow! Un camp d’été dans un CHSLD

Eat.Go.Grow! Camp d'été

Eat.Go.Grow! Camp d’été

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Claudia Lemay’s vison with the help of volunteers make Eat.Go.Grow! a Success

Vesanto Melina RD

Article by Vesanto Melina RD

This July in Surrey, BC, with funding from New Horizons, a Kinsmen project will launch that captures a similar, complementary energy. EatGoGrow! ( is a visionary blend of elders, youngsters, fitness and fun in the kitchen. (Location: near Surrey Memorial Hospital.) Sixty children (15 per week) will exercise in the morning in the company of elders, half of whom are in wheelchairs.

Claudia Lemay is the project dietitian and the food prepared will be a blend of creativity and recipes. Children will learn that, in cooking pasta, a recipe helps in knowing how much water to put in the pot to boil and how long to cook the pasta. But when it comes to making the pasta sauce, they might use a recipe or, alternatively, be innovative. In day-to-day life, we often must create meals based on what we have on-hand. Being restricted to a particular recipe can be limiting, requiring a special trip to the grocery store.

During the camp, the children will also learn basic nutrition information with the help of an elf called Stargold the Food Fairy. The story below is soon to be a book by Claudia Lemay:


Camp d'été! Eat.Go.Grow!

Camp d’été Eat.Go.Grow!


First of all I would like to thank-you very much for the wonderful camp full of enriching experiences/activities. It is a gift you have given my kids, a foundation for having a healthy balanced lifestyle. They are talking about doing it again next year as they loved it so much, especially my son Pierre. Again I am grateful for this incredible experience you have provided.
Camp d'été Eat.Go.Grow!

Camp d’été Eat.Go.Grow!

Vesanto Melina is a BC dietitian and author. Claudia Lemay is a dietitian at Kinsmen Lodge in Surrey; she has fun teaching nutrition and cooking to children and has a passion for working with elders.