Claudia Lemay Registered Dietitian in South Surrey

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Registered Dietitian in South Surrey

Registered Dietitian in South Surrey

Claudia Lemay, RD has started her new health and nutrition practice called True Health Nutrition. As a Registered Dietitian in South Surrey, BC, Claudia provides her expertise to people young and old who suffer from several health problems.

How many times do we have to say this? Diets don’t work! But, eating better does. And eating better is easier when one is being mindful. Understanding how the body works can also help. Empowering patients is what I believe in. No meal plans, no diets, no “not allowed”.

Nutrition is truly about health, not dieting. It’s about being the best you can be and the happiest you can be. Your brain, your body: all of it, made from the food you eat! Oh, and by the way, health does not have much to do with what the scale has to say.

And before I forget, don’t listen to what they say about “healthy food.” Well prepared healthy foods taste totally awesome.

Enjoy food, enjoy life!

Yours Truly,
Claudia Lemay, Registered Dietitian (RD)
True Health Nutrition Consultant

Visit True Health Nutrition Website for more details.

Claudia Lemay
Claudia lives in Surrey,BC with her husband, two kids and two pets, and works at a long-term care facility as a clinical dietitian. She also created the program Eat.Go.Grow!, a summer camp which teaches nutrition and physical activity to children.

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